Fotosearch has a pricing option to fit every budget.

We have many options to help you find just the right image for your project.
Please call our sales team if you have questions regarding the information below.
We will be happy to answer questions regarding pricing, sizes, file types, licensing, and general image search assistance.
Royalty Free Images
When you buy a license to use a Royalty-Free image, that license generally allows you to use the image as many times as you like in perpetuity. There are a handful of exceptions and important restrictions that can be found in the license agreement.
Buying an image from Fotosearch is easy.
  1. Search to find an image you like
  2. Click the image to see the pricing
  3. Choose the size that fits your needs
  4. Pay then immediately download the image

Single Image Pricing

The prices for Royalty Free images are based on the size of image you need.
A small image (for use on a website) costs less than a large image (to be printed in a magazine).

We have images from over 100 different providers who each set their own pricing but here are the basics:
  • Value images are our most affordable images and range in price from $3 to $12 based on the size of image you will need.
  • Premium images vary a bit more, but typically sell for between $19 and $499. Some images are less and some are more but most images fit in this range.
Rights-Managed Images
Rights-Managed images are priced based on how you will use them in your project.
To calculate the price for an image - just fill in the required information for your usage.
These images tend to be more exclusive and are generally more expensive than Royalty-Free images.
If you are planning to use the image for multiple uses - give us a call for discounted pricing.
Subscriptions offer a great value for customers who need lots of images.
Not all images are available in our subscription, but most (71,517,368) are.
After you purchase a subscription, you can download up to 100 images a day for as little as $0.15 per image.
View our subscription plans.
Prepay and Save with Fotosearch Credits
Credits start at $1 and allow you (and your team) to easily download images without the hassle of individual transactions.